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Post production of Gone to Ground

After nearly 6 years since the first words of the script were written Gone to Ground is now nearing the end of post production. Following feedback from our team of industry mentors, we reshot the London sequences. This time at nightime, to heighten the tension and contrast with the idyllic locations in North Wiltshire.

Gone to Ground – feature film – What’s the story?

GUY, a 90 year old ex World war II RAF bomber pilot  lives alone in his large farmhouse refusing his children’s desire to get him a carer or worse move him into a home.   

Guy lives a peaceful life tending his beloved garden, doing the crossword, happy with his routines.

Until his peace is shattered when he finds a car crashed amongst the bushes in his back fields. 

Inside he finds an injured and scared woman MAGDA, who says she is a trafficked Polish sex worker and will not accept an ambulance. She’s concussed, traumatised  and can remember little of how she came to be there.

But her past is already chasing her. JUSTIN, an ex British army officer  working in the underworld sex trade needs to find her   ..urgently. 

As GUY cares for Magda in his home, we quickly learn that they are very different people. She is brash, crude and loud – he is a real English country gentleman – mannered, but with irritating and obsessive routines But through their shambolic multicultural, often hilarious interactions they learn to respect and befriend each other. He teaches her the ways of the countryside from gardening to using an axe to chop wood. She challenges his preconceptions.

He tells her of his wartime flying and Polish friend, his flight engineer, killed by the Germans after bailing out & his long lasting respect for the Polish people.

She begins to see him as the father figure she never had.

But Magda’s past will not let her go and as Justin gets ever closer to finding her, we begin to see things are not what they seem.

Maybe she is not entirely the victim she professes to be and the old man not nearly as innocent as we believe and through a series of twists and turns we learn more about antagonist Justin. He finally tracks her down and the truth becomes clear as Magda and Guy must fight for their lives

Our latest Documentary Film -“Gervase

GERVASE has become a Finalist at the New York International Film Awards as a contender for Best Documentary Feature. This documentary tells the incredible and moving story of Michael ‘Gervase’ Peel, a World War II RAF bomber pilot who, at just 21 years of age, was shot down behind enemy lines and forced to jump from a burning aircraft.

It was also a Semi-Finalist at the Rhode Island International Film Festival 2020 and the Hitchcock Film Awards.

“Gone to Ground”, currently in post production, is a feature drama written with my father as a main character. “Gervase” is the true story. Directed by Mike Peel.

The film is a co-production with Bottle Rocket Film & Grindstone Films utilising new interviews, home movies and WWII archive material from the Imperial War Film Archive.

Gone to Ground trailer

filming in April 2019

And three full scenes

Shot as proof of concept for the forthcoming feature film.

Liaison – filmed in Toronto.

LOVE  – 50 Kisses Winner

John Lennon’s Turd

Based on a true story  -distributed by

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