Gone to Ground (2024) Thriller feature

In an isolated farmhouse, an old ex-RAF wartime pilot’s quiet world of gardening, memories and crosswords is shattered by the arrival of an injured and traumatised woman on the run.

Gervase (2020) Documentary

The story of second World War RAF bomber pilot Gervase Peel, his wartime exploits and his struggle to cope with fading memories and the onset of Dementia. Filmed over 35 years.  (festival awards)

Old and young man
Gervase Peel 20years old and 90

Femme Fatale (2017) Short, Mystery, Thriller

Tim, a young married teacher encounters – and is tempted by – Mandeep, a mysterious and alluring older woman, but their cute and flirty banter soon turns sinister, when it becomes clear that this is no chance meeting and that Mandeep is the classic Femme Fatale with her own deadly agenda.  IMDB Script to Screen award 2017

Late Request (2016) Short, Drama

Steve is critically injured, trapped upside-down in a wrecked car. Whilst paramedic Nicky calls in the air ambulance and battles to keep him conscious, Steve has something else important on his mind. Gold Award winning script at the British Screenwriters Awards 

Chasing Fame (2016) Short, Comedy

UK TV Star Melanie, relaxing in Toronto after her film premiere, becomes involved with a young Canadian fan with disastrous and hilarious consequences.  (festival awards)

Liaison (2015) Short, Drama, Thriller

A woman wakes up alone trapped forty flights up in a Toronto apartment. Desperately she tries to remember how she got there.  (festival awards)

Love  (2013) Short, Drama, Romance

Man travelling on the Underground with sinister intentions is moved by the open innocence of a child.  (festival awards)

John Lennon’s Turd (2013) Short, Comedy

When John Lennon uses his toilet, uber-fans Ian and Digby hatch a plan to sell their idol’s unflushed poo. A short film Based on a true story about the crassness of the cult of celebrity.  (festival awards)

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Emily’s Dance (2003) Short, Drama

A story of two Emily’s, one old and one young, and their developing relationship.