Feature Screenplays

Gone to Ground                          

When an old ex-RAF wartime pilot rescues an injured, abused Polish sex worker from a car accident, their cultures clash as he’s shocked by her feral in-your-face sexuality and she’s exasperated by his mannered irritating routines, but as she slowly recovers they learn to accept each other  ..until her violent past returns to threaten both their lives.

Selected for long list of 2017  Screenwriting Goldmine competition  ” 32 writers/scripts, who I think have a really balanced combination of story, character, energy, craft, spark and one or two really fresh ideas that could interest a good few of the judges.”

Chasing Fame

Comedy feature – UK film actress finds her ambitions thwarted by a tormenting celeb press, falsely accusing her of an affair with a nerdy Canadian fan

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Phoebe Langtry     

Period drama about the woman, who in 1813, built the only surviving working windmill in Hampshire

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Best Of Intentions

World War II romantic action movie.

Jack’s Back 

Supernatural suspense horror about the return of Jack the Ripper during a theatre performance.