Genre: Thriller  Duration: 116mins Year of production:  2024

A compelling thriller based on the real character of the Director’s father

GONE TO GROUND is a highly commercial movie comparable to DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED, LONDON TO BRIGHTON and BEAST.  But as a thriller featuring  a elderly wartime veteran, it fits well into the  genre of “mature thrillers”, attracting a  primary audience of 50+ male/female audience domestically and internationally. 

But her past life is catching up with her. Justin, tracking her down, tries to get information from her friend.

Shot over three years (not helped by Covid), the film stars Alan Breck as Guy. Sadly Alan didn’t live to see the completed film. He died early in 2022. But his indomitable spirit lives on in a marvelous final performance as the cantankerous, irritating but courageous and kindly old man.

Alan Breck

He’s matched by Melissa de Mol as Magda, streetwise and crude, mistakenly called Suka (look it up) by Guy. They argue, disagree and misunderstand each other often hilariously.

Magda and Guy

The film was shot using Arri Alexas with anamorphic lenses on location in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, London and Southampton.

Magda tries out an old dress she’s discovered, but doesn’t realise that it’s very disturbing for Guy.

Magda and Guy meet in the orchard

Produced by Phil Peel and Melissa De Mol